8 Good reasons why a Working Holiday is a good idea

The decision to quit your job and leave your responsibilities to travel the world for an extended period of time isn’t always an easy one however, here are 10 good reasons why you should undertake a working holiday.

What is a working holiday?

A working holiday is when you are allowed to spend an extended stay in another country holidaying and picking up work to fund future travels. Many countries allow young people aged 18-30 (sometimes up to 35) years of age a stay of up to 12 months (sometimes 24 months) to experience the country. If that doesn’t convince you, here are 7 reasons why taking part in a working holiday could provide you the time of your life.

1. A working holiday allows you to stay longer

As mentioned, a working holiday allows participants to stay longer in a particular country. You will be able to experience more than what you would if you were only going on a short trip. Even if you decide not to work, you will be allowed to stay for a longer time. For example, in Australia, a typical tourist visa is for 3 months but a working holiday visa can be granted for 12 months. Twelve months would allow you to experience a lot more of what the country has to offer.

2. Your working holiday is sustainable

The idea behind a working holiday is that you will be able to work allowing you to save for future travels. Your travel is sustained because you can refill your travel funds with casual employment.

3. You can leave sooner

Apart from proving you have enough funds for your initial stay you do not need to save up thousands of dollars in advance before your adventure. With the working holiday visa as mentioned before, being able to work will help you sustain your travelling lifestyle sooner than without the visa.

4. It allows you the opportunity to try your hand at different professions

With the working holiday visa you can usually work in your current professions (be aware of the need to register with governing bodies before you can work, ie. nurses will need to register with the appropriate nursing board) or you can try a totally different profession that what you would normally do at home. You could see yourself serving pints in a London pub, being a jackaroo/jillaroo in outback Australia, picking fruit and or vegetables in Europe or you could study and become a dive master or ski instructor. There are endless opportunities just waiting out there for a working holiday maker.

5. You meet the locals and can make long-lasting friendships

Staying for an extended period of time in one place allows you to meet the locals and like-minded travellers and they can become long-lasting friends.

6. You gain a better understanding of the culture

There is only so much you can do and learn on a short trip to another country. Spending an extended time in one country allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture and truly appreciate many aspects such as why the local people do the things they do, experience the local food and discover the culture.

7. It looks good on your resume

Listing work done during your working holiday can be a great advantage on your CV for when you ‘settle down’. Some employers appreciate that a potential employee has had experience working overseas and cultural understanding abroad.

8. Have the time of your life

Do I need to elaborate on this one.

About the author.

Sharyn McCullum travelled the world for 4 years. It inspired her to start the LiveWork&Play series of working holiday guides for future and fellow travellers to provide up-to-date and relevant working holiday information. She is the blogger behind www.liveworkplay.com.au, www.liveworkplaytravel.com and www.londonworkingholiday.com.

Visit www.liveworkplaytravel.com for information on the working holiday and work and holiday visas available and which countries have them.

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