The best 3 travel accessories to take on holiday

Travel Accessories – the best 3 travel accessories to take on holiday

Travel Accessories, there are loads of them out there to choose from, I know, I discovered this when I was packing for my first ever trip overseas. Now, I don’t go anywhere without my top 3 travel accessories.

Document/Passport/Wallet organizer

My passport come wallet come document organizer was a fantastic purchase. It allowed me to have all my documents like passport, tickets, booking confirmations, ID cards, credit cards and other important documents all in the one place. It made my life easier having all these in the one easy to access place. For security, I ensured I knew where my organizer was at all times cause if lost or stolen my whole life would have been chaos.


Neck pillow

Not the most attractive looking item but the most comfortable. My neck pillow became my best friend on long (and short) trips when I wanted to close my eyes and get some rest. You can’t always lay down on transport and so my pillow supported my neck and stopped my head falling to my shoulder so I didn’t wake up sore, but rested instead. My pillow was easy to inflate, I simply used a few breathes and it was ready for use. It was also easy to deflate and folded up small making it easy to pack in to my hand luggage.


Travel adapter

Many countries have different prongs to plug in to electricity sockets and having the travel adapters to cover different countries came in handier than I ever imagined. My travel adapters were ideal when it came to using my hair dryer and charging my devices, which as you know, need to be done regularly.


Packing for an overseas holiday can be horrendous deciding on what to take and leave behind. I would never leave home without my three favourite products. All these items are available now in my travel shop at

About the author: Sharyn McCullum travelled the world for 4 years using London as her base. She is currently calling Melbourne, Australia home.

I would love to hear what was your favourite item/s you packed.


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